M750 WaveCrest Tidalforce - The Electric Mountain Bike
The legendary Tidalforce M750 ORIGINAL

THIS BIKE IS powered by the E+ 750 watt motor, featuring the famous Montague folding frame.

Years ahead of its time, the original M750 was a break-through when it appeared in 2003.

Hurry - only a few TIDAL FORCE ORIGINALS REMAIN! each with the E+ 750 watt advanced electric propulsion system!

Order the ORIGINAL TidalForce™ M-750x in Limited Supply for $1995 with order cialis $100 shipping in the Continental USA. Colors: Black, Black or Black.
(The newer models are selling for over $4K - this is a great bargain!)

e+console e+_electric_motor_2 e+_electric_bicycle_battery_2

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