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The Health Benefits of Belgian Dark Chocolate

Belgian milk chocolate may be delicious, but if you really want to get any health benefits from your chocolate, you are going to want to start eating Belgian dark chocolate. There are actually quite a few different nutritional benefits offered by Belgian dark chocolate, but keep in mind that you will only reap these benefits if you eat the


One of the greatest benefits of Belgian dark chocolate is that it is good for your heart. Just as you hear with drinking a glass of red wine a day, eating some Belgian dark chocolate a day can help to improve your heart and leave you in better overall health.

Belgian chocolate is made from plants, which means that it contains many of the health benefits of dark vegetables, which are plenty. These benefits are from flavonoids which act as antioxidants, and which work by protecting the body from free radicals. If you are not already aware, free radicals are potentially dangerous to the body, as they can cause damage that leads to heart disease.

Belgian dark chocolate is good for your heart and even just a small bar of it every day can help to keep your heart and cardiovascular system running well.

Belgian dark chocolate can also help to lower blood pressure, as studies have shown that consuming a small bar of dark chocolate every day can help to reduce blood pressure in individuals with high blood pressure. As well it can help to lower cholesterol, the LDL cholesterol which is known as being the bad form of cholesterol.

These are just a few of the many different benefits that are offered not only by the Belgian chocolate but all dark chocolate, and so obviously it is going to be a great thing if you start eating it on a regular basis. Just keep in mind that you need to eat it in moderation if you want to reap any of the benefits, otherwise you will simply be consuming a ton of calories and the benefits that you will be getting will be paling in comparison and not worth it at all.

The Bad News

Carrying on from this, the bad news is that yes, chocolate does have a lot of fat and so you need to be careful in regards to the amount of it that you are eating. However, some of the fats found in chocolate do not impact your cholesterol, and this includes oleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid.


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