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I hate negative advertising.I hate talking "smack" about someone or a company.

But today, as I sit here and finish my last and final phone call with Idearc collections, paying out the remaining $4,834.44 over three months, it leaves a very bitter pill that is being forced down my throat.

My story starts about 2 years ago. I had been a regular advertiser for the verizon yellow pages for over 20 years. My ad size and shape, and area's of location varied based where I wanted to advertise.

I even advertised on their web and secured the #1 spot in the state for a year.

So you can see, I've been a very loyal customer. Paying my bill with a smile - a smile that got slapped off my face 2 years ago today.

MARCH, 2008: My rep, "Adam" came into my clinic to review my ad for next year's yellow pages. I was told that the current book I'm in is being phased out into 2 different books. He told me that for $79.00 more a month I could be in both books, with a color ad. All I had to do was sign the contract, and he'd be on his way.

I noticed that he was a salesman in a hurry (always a bad sign) and he popped in my office unannounced (another bad sign). I asked him to walk me through the expenses, what each book cost, and how he determined the savings/ costs. I also told him I didn't want to spend another $79.00/ month (which is another $948.00 per year) for a book that doesn't draw to my area.

It was almost as if I turned off a major switch with him. He said he'd be right back, and left to go to his car. About 5 minutes later, he came back and told me that after re-doing the math, it would actually be about $92 more a month (which is now $1104 a year). He tried to explain how I could be in both books, color ads and he would throw in a smaller ad in the new book as well, under the yellow page listing (bold, clinic name) for no additional charge.

After talking to him about changing his main sales pitch mid-stream, and why he changed it, I decided budget wise it might be worth trying for a year, since we track all out calls to see where people come from, and what advertising venue they come in from.

I signed the contract (like I do every year) and expected to see the modifications for proof later in the following months, again, just like I always do.

Later that week, after meeting with my staff, I asked my office manager to go through the previous years' stats and count how much business came in directly or indirectly through the yellow page ad. "None" was her answer. This made me realize that I need to downsize my ads currently running, as well as change out the ad that Adam and I had agreed to. Since I hadn't signed off on the final ad, I was still OK to change my order.

It was very hard to get in touch with Adam. Once we set up our meeting at my office, I was running late (5 minutes) and called my office to let them know I'd be late for the meeting. "He's already left" was the answer my office manager gave me. So I called and scheduled another one. Again, I was running 5 minutes late, and again, during my call I was told he left. So I called again and scheduled a 3rd appointment. I was 15 minutes
early. He never showed. He never called.

I took my contract and wrote "CANCEL" on it, and faxed it to Idearc the very same day. I knew I was running close to the deadline and my rep was making it very hard to conform to that timeline. It wasn't until January of 2009 that I'd find out he got fired from the company a few days before that 3rd meeting.

April came and went, May, June. No contact with Idearc. No proof to sign. They were finally out of my hair. Fast forward to October of 2008, and I opened up my phone bill, and found a huge amount attached to it. I called the company. "This is for your yellow page ads" they said.
What yellow page ads" I stated."
"The ads we are running for you in our 2 books. We have your signed contract."
"But you should also have my fax I gave to my rep stating that I opted out. Besides, I never signed the proof to OK my ad" I said, half in shock of disbelief.
"I'm sorry, but I don't see any of that in your records. We have already printed your ad in the Verizon Yellowpages, and the amount due you see is accurate".
Wow. What a blow. Especially since I committed the money I budget to yellow pages to other marketing. "I'm afraid I'm not going to pay that today" I said as I began to explain the phone rep what happened. They informed me that unless I can produce the papers that opted me out, there was nothing they could do for me.

So, I hired a lawyer. I spent over $1,000 explaining and what had happened, and produced the paperwork. I had loosely kept track of all the events (like I'm THAT anal retentive) and was able to produce some of the paperwork that Adam had presented me.

It turns out that I did save the original copy that said "CANCEL" on it, but it was sent and dated a week AFTER the deadline. "But what happened to the information I gave Adam?”
"We never received it. Our records indicate he was terminated around the same time this was happening. If you were having problems with your rep, you should have called one of our supervisors to take care of your concerns. Since your contract was signed by you, and we did not receive anything else, we can't be held responsible."
"But what about the fax I sent to your company? What about the ad proof I needed to sign and approve" I asked, stunned again.
"Unless you can find the timestamp from your fax machine, we have no proof. Your contract for approval of your ad states that if you don't make any further changes by the last week of March, you approve it. This helps our graphic department stay on track to get your ad sent to printing on time."
"And when do you print the books?"
"October. I'm sorry sir, but there really is nothing we can do"
"You mean the fact that you fired an employee, didn't let their customers know that they had been terminated. Didn't have the terminated employee update you on their accounts, take their files and paperwork and reassign them - you aren't held accountable for that?"
"No sir, we are not. We are only bound to what you have signed."

Well, shoot. What do you know about that? Here I am, $8,000 on the hook because of their rep made a mistake. Poor consumer, poor loyal customer for over 20 years. What ever happened to "Great Customer Service"?


So after spending money on a small business lawyer, and talking to the higher ups at Idearc and Verizon, there was nothing that could be done. Not without spending more money in attorney fees than what I owed from their mistake. It boiled down to MY WORD vs their FIRED EMPLOYEE's word. There was no proof that I had scheduled any meetings with Adam, no proof that I faxed my contract with "CANCEL" over to their offices. And since it was my word against theirs, I lost.

But that's where THIS website comes in. I have since found out that there are MORE people just like me. We were led to think that it "Only happened to us". By making this available for everyone to see, I am hoping that more and more of you will help me speak out against Idearc, and the way they have mismanaged their accounts. There are TWO ways you can help:

Contact me
2. Link this website to your websites, blogs,
facebook, myspace and help this website gain lots and lots online pharmacy without a prescription of backlinks, so that it will appear on page one of Google for everyone to see (are you understanding this Idearc?)
3. If this happened to you too: Call your local TV or radio "watchdog" segment and tell them your story as well as mine.
I’ve already contacted my local TV stations in Seattle:
KOMO Problem Solvers
KIRO Investigation Team
4. Send a message to potential investors under it's "restructuring" weblink:
and tell them that what they have done to small business, discredits THEM, and they should step up to the plate and accept responsibility.

I no longer advertise with Verizon or nor will I ever have anything to do with Idearc in a positive light. I'm so done with that.

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